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    Mitsubishi Technology Upgrade Guarantee

    Does anyone remember Mitsubishi Technology Upgrade Guarantee? I bought a Mitsubishi HDTV in 2002. At that time, IEEE 1394 and DVI were competing technologies. The main reason why I bought the Mitsubishi HDTV was because Mitsubishi had a technology upgrade guarantee meaning that if DVI became the dominent connection instead of IEEE 1394, Mitsubishi would provide customers with an option to upgrade their TVs.

    I have called Mitsubishi customer service several times, but they said that they have never heard of any technology upgrade guarantee. I am trying to see if there are any other people like me who want Mitsubishi to keep their words.

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    Nothing at all on Google about it. You sure it wasn't just a TV salesman blowing smoke? If you bought such a thing, you'll have a paper contract for it. What does it say?

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    The do have such a thing. Go to mitsu's site and check it out. It's called the promise module and adds a ton of inputs to the sucker. And yues it is under $1000. It's $999.99.

    I wanted to get one so I can have a DVI input.
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