• 10-17-2007, 07:27 PM
    Matching speaker questions
    I have been putting together a home theater setup for my living room. I have a H/K AVR 247. I am using Boston CR6 as my mains. with a set of KLH 3 way speakers as surrounds. I have a set of Boston A-40 II's that I will be refoaming as soon as my kit shows up. I am planning on using these as surrounds and using the KLHs in my shop setup. Will these blend together or sound totally off? I was considering buying another set of CR6s to fully match.

    Another issue that I have, is that I have a non matching center speaker. (GASP!) It is an Accurian AMP-5052 which I purchased this on closeout for 39.99. It is a decent speaker for this price to say the least, but again it does not match the CR6s. It does not sound too mismatched to me but I have never had more than 2 channels, so maybe I am not the best judge.

    I mounted the supplied mic on a tripod and let the receiver auto calibrate. It seems to really even things out well. I understand that ultimately the speakers should match, but the way I see it the center receives a separate signal so the only time the match of the speakers should really come into play is when the sound pans from L to center to R for instance. Maybe the reason it is so difficult to differentiate the speakers is because they are close together. Due to limitations of the space.

    I have an odd shape room that is which will NEVER be conducive to top notch sound. It is approximately 16'x10'. I am trying to make logical and economical decisions. I only have about $450 into the audio portion of my setup so I am definitely doing well so far but I still don't want to spend more unless I really need to. Is this one of those things where a matching set will make it 2% better? If so I really am not worried. If I really should start searching for a matching center, which one is the best match for the CR6? I have seen decent prices on the Boston CRC, but it looks too much like the cr57 cr67 etc. I really want to find the best match but I really want something that has the look of the CR6. Thanks in advance for any advice.