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    Looking to rent the Avia guide

    I've found the Avia Home Theater Guide for rent on Netflix but I'm wondering if they only send the disc as usual, or do they include the test strips? Has anyone tried to rent it?

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    Tough to tell until you actually rent it. The color filters are very easy to misplace/lose/steal, so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of those discs get rented out without the color filters, much the same way that you have no idea whether the instruction books will be included whenever you rent video games.

    If you've never done a calibration before, it might be more worth your while to start with the Sound and Vision Home Theater Setup DVD. It's worth having anyway because your audio setup will need to be recalibrated anytime you rearrange furniture in your room or move the speakers. You can buy it for $15 at Borders, and you'll know for sure that the blue filter is included.
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    That question came up here a few years ago and the answer was that you get the disc only from Netflix.

    Caused me to go out and buy my own copy of Avia.

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