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    Look who is behind HDMI and tell me why?

    This is mostly a ritorical question but if some one knows great. Here is an article on HDMI and in it is revealed the companies behind HDMI. You will find it's the big boys of consumer electronics. So why is there so much confusion over HDMI, why aren't receivers doing what they are supposed to with HDMI, why are some people left with non-HDCP compliant HDMI inputs, why is it still a mystery if bitstream HD audio will be passed from Blu-ray players, why not the correct version in the first place instead of 3 so far, why was HDMI launched and touted as this great multichannel audio/video cable when at the time NO DVD player output multichannel from HDMI, they may now but they didn't when HDMI was first being sold with upconverting players, and I could go on but I think you get my point. HDMI was the biggest rip off to consumers to ever hit the market and it was done by the very companies that sell us the electronics. There's no excuse. Take Sony, one of the HDMI gangsters, they build everything, tv's, receivers, various format disc players yet none of this crap is fully compatible with HDMI. Same with Panasonic and all the members. If you are responsible for HDMI and YOU build the equipment that will have these connections then everything should work together and be compatible. There have been recent posts to AR where a poor guy has a Sony receiver that only passed the video of HDMI, one guy had a Phillips HDTV from only 2005 that wasn't HDCP compliant, we're paying for the HDMI LLC's incompetence. Consumers don't understand what's going on, they're just walking in with smiles and handing over the money. Those that do understand just accept it. People are crying why high end companies aren't offering processors with all the HDMI goodies, LOOK at HDMI, would you want to be the company to stick your neck out with a $5k processor with HDMI? Especially a year or two ago. The higher end companies are very small in comparison to the corporations behind HDMI and can't afford to make mistakes. I don't know which sucks worse the fact that we have been royally screwed by the HDMI LLC or that I know some one is going to have the nerve to try and defend what HDMI LLC done. So be it, to me there is no excuse. If you bother to read the link I'd like to call your attention to the disclaimer at the bottom of the article. I interpret it to say, "we are talking a bunch of crap and you can't hold me liable". I am just really amazed that everyone is so passive and accepting of the HDMI scam. When I bought my first HDMI cable with a first gen DVD upconverting player and found out the player, any player, wouldn't even output the signals the cable was for I was madder than hell. I emailed everyone from the HDMI LLC to movie studios to FTC but I come to realize I was fighting windmills. HDMI's implimentation has NOT improved, I was mad all over again when I learned what companies were actually behind HDMI. If a corporation can screw you right out in the open like this, I hate to think what goes on behind closed doors with them and Congress.

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    Now yer feelin' my pain. The search for a processor, as documented in that other thread we got going on, has been frustrating. It seems as if no one "hi-end" company can put together a unit that does everything to audiophilac perfection (whatever that means) and, frankly, my demands are less than that. The closest ones cost the equivalent of a down payment on a house.

    There have been times this very afternoon when I've considered going back two channel for a decade or so.

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    I am having those same thoughts as well, thinking very seriously about going back to a 2 channel rig until all this HDMI crap is straightened out.Something to be said for keeping things simple, 2 channel analog works and it works well.I have HDMI sources and display but there are constant problems, my Toshiba TV will only accept HDMI video from my Toshiba HD-DVD player and not from my Sony Bluray player or cable box but it does accept audio from the cable box, does that make sense?
    Will anyone be surprised next year when they announce HDMI 1.4?This seems like a way for us to have to buy new gear, i really don't want to play that game.

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    If you get a receiver or pre-pro and concentrate on the video switching you'll get burned.
    As for the tosh incompatibility, thats not surprizing, welcome to the crap world of toshiba.
    Everything I have ever had has either broke or not worked right, EVERYTHING.
    I have a three year old receiver with great amps, and all of my audio comes in over
    coax, optical, or multichannel, the video goes straight to the monitor like it should.
    And the componet video switching, state of the art once and now obsolete, is ignored.
    Sounds great on two channel also.
    The industry has gone from componet to dvi to hdmi to hdmi 1.3 in just a few years,
    Sony is the ringleader, they want stringent copyguarding, which hdmi has, since they also own a lot of media.
    So screw em, I am staying out of it
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    dont you know how it works? they want you to buy a whole new setup every 2 years...
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    I've definitely had my share of problems with HDMI. Complete drops in audio/video from a couple of different AVR's. And this was interesting:

    Problem with my 2910

    No problems with my 2700 though. I'm running 3 HDMI sources to it with no hiccups.

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    One word answer to this question...

    Greed greed greed. Period.

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    Ah, Rich, is that one word 3 times, or 3 words?

    There's no doubt that corporate is synonomis with GREED. I just can't understand why HDMI was rolled out like some one had a brainstorm and they rolled with it full throddle before any one had a plan. They have good marketing and PR though because HDMI LLC goes on like they are totally oblivious to their incompetence. Of course, that goes along with the territory though.

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    No more purchases

    I'm sticking with my non-hdcp compliant oppo upconvert dvd player along with my xbox 360 and my non hdcp compliant hd philips tv that can't play hd video and calling it a day.

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