• 12-25-2003, 05:48 PM
    Just got Onkyo HT-S760 for X-mas... now how do I properly configure/calibrate..?
    Hey.. Merry Christmas everyone...

    Well, I just got an Onkyo HT-S760 for an x-mas gift along with the Onkyo DV-CP701 and 100feet of 14 gauge speaker wire. Now, I would like to get this thing up and rockin tomorrow, so I was wondering if you could all gimme tips/links/information on how to get this setup properly working.

    I've read something about an SPL meter, but still a little confused with it. Any link as to full details on how to properly use this? Or if you have done this yourself, feel free to comment. Is there a particular DVD/CD I can buy to help aid with setup? Maybe a DVD to rent? Particular things to look for?

    I am coming from just sound out of my tv, so I'm sure whatever I hear will sound like a million bucks (which could be both good and bad, since I may not notice a fault where there actually is one).

    So any help you can give to a noob on their first surround sound setup would be much appreciated... thanks!
  • 12-25-2003, 06:39 PM
    In all honesty, your first line of defense should be the owner's manual for the receiver and whateverelse you have. The receiver's manual will be the most helpful in the basic configutation.

    Once that's done and you've gotten used to the controls on the receiver (and these can be daunting at first), you can worry about fine tuning it. That may take a few days or so.
  • 12-25-2003, 08:53 PM
    Good call... after thinking about it and putting this thing together, I'm having a hard enough time to deal with just that. Adding calibration by a SPL meter would be a lil much at this point...

    So now that I'm just sticking to the manual's method for calibrating speakers etc... feel free to help in my other post with how to interconnect my TV, DVD, XBOX.... thanks!!