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    i've arrived...well, sort of

    I got my reciever and dvd player hooked up to my studio40s today. I went with a Yamaha rx-v740 reciever and C470 dvd/sacd changer. I was kind of nervously hoping that my room acoustics wouldn't suck, but one I got everything hooked up I was surprised how quickly I could get a pretty decent sound. I don't think the paradigms are too partial to exact placement, but I set the up in a relatively equilateral triangle with the listener (very slightly toed in). Then I just ran through the set up functions really quickly on my reciever and I was more or less good to go. Initial set up was a breeze...I'm glad that I didn't wait for the new models with YPAO as it was pretty simple to set up two speakers in stereo...there isn't a lot of tweaking that really needs to be done...just set the levels and go. I have one bare wall that I might get a tapestry for to kind of balance out the sound in my room, but otherwise, the room is surprisingly good or better than what I experienced in the store. Eventually I'll get an spl meter and find out what's really going on sonically in my room and maybe do some more serious tweaking (if the wife lets me get away with it anyway).
    After a few hours of listening I'm pretty confident in my mid-fi yamaha/paradigm pairing. When I bought it I kind of felt like I was compromising, but honestly I quite happy with the sound. It's far superior to anything I've used in the past. I'm pretty much using it in direct stereo 90% of the time, but I've found Neo:6 Music to be nice on some recordings. It basically seems to give the mid range a bump and spread the sound a little.
    This is really the first time I've owned equipment that allows me to listen semi-critically without the use of headphones...and I'm definitely stoked. So far I've cranked my system all the way up to -40db...maybe i'll air it out a bit more when the weekend rolls around...let my xbox playin' neighbors know I'm home.
    So...thanks for the help and advice with my setup. I doubt I would have ended up with either the paradigms or the yamaha without some of the recommendations on this board, and I'm certainly (initially) very pleased with them both.

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    Glad to hear your enjoying your system. I own the Studio 40's too and currently have them mated to a Yamaha 795a model from a few years back. I just recently switched from an older Marantz, and I'm quite pleased with Yamaha so far. Just ordered an RX-V1400, in fact, and I'm hoping it pleases me even more.
    On a side note, I have a full Studio series HT system, the 20's for rears and a Studio Center Channel. I've noticed that they are quite forgiving as well. I basically have the whole equilateral triangle set up going, except I'm about 1.5 feet further back, and I have very modest toe in as well. Seems to provide the best blend of soundstage and imaging.
    Enjoy your system.

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