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    Quote Originally Posted by GMichael
    Don't these retals have those anoying notices stating how this is illegal at the begining?

    I can't see them anymore... i get rid of them when I backup dvds

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    Dual Layer DVD's hold 8.5 gigs instead of the 4.3 on your 25 cent single layer discs. This basically means that there is no need for compression when using DVD Shrink and no loss of picture quality. Once you get down to about 70% compression on Shrink it really starts to look atrocious..if you have a good TV

    Quote Originally Posted by EdwardGein
    I use regular DVD+R/RW's and have never had one lemon with DVD Shrink even when they've been compressed (most of them are). These DVD+R/RW's cost me 25-80 cents each. Please explain to me what exactly a dual layer DVD+R/RW will accompish that a cheap single layer DVD+R/RW won't, if I don't have any problems. Not saying you're wrong but I need a reason to spend $2.50 on these instead of 40-80 cents.

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    CCE is alot better for encoding as shrink is a transcoder... a 10 passes CCE encode even at 50% it will look good.

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    It's Illegal. Don't do it.
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