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    HT: a few doubts on hanging my Plasma TV


    I am setting up my HT and I plan to hang my 50" plasma on the wall. Could someone clarify some of my doubts on this?

    1. what height should the tv be hang?
    2. if I want to hide the cables behind the tv, do I have to cut an outlet on the wall right behind the tv and run the wire/cable inside the wall? Is this how people are doing it?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hi Tong,

    I can't believe that no one had an answer for you until now. For a number of reasons, it's better to have a display roughly at eye level when you're seated, though a display mounted on the wall, sometimes can't be that low when the viewing area is relatively close. You do the best you can. Be careful not to have the screen so high that you have to crane your neck too much to watch it; that can be exhausting. Move the seating back if possible so that you can look straight ahead.

    Many people hide their wires by drilling into the wall at roughly the height of the jack pack on the back of the plasma and snaking the cables down to an opening where they can meet up with your other electronics. Some stands have a chute that keep the cables invisible within the room, and cable-management products with same function are available as well. If you want to avoid making holes, Google A/V furniture and/or cable management for some ideas.

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