• 10-08-2005, 08:50 AM
    Secretary of Insight
    HR 10-250 HD DVR DTV dissapointing
    Well, after waiting over a year for the price on this thing to come down from 1k to $250 I finally took the plunge. While the picture is pristine, the unit is sooooo slow on guide surfing and menu scrolling I don't understand how anyone could have paid the original pricing. There is literally a 5-10 second delay every time you page down in the guide for all the programming info to appear. My 6 year old RCA Dircttv boxes are so much faster and have other great menu features that this lacks. For what is supposed to be state of the art I am increadibly dissapointed. Even at the low low price of $250 I will probably send this back and keep waiting for the next model. Just thought I'd pass on my 2 cents to anyone else whos been waiting because it wasn't worth it.


    The Secreatary of Insight

    (Paid $350 with $100 mail in rebate from Directv with agreement to continue service for another year)
  • 10-10-2005, 04:01 PM
    Over time the unit will become a little quicker. I would suggest that you purchase a all in one report or something like that to use with the DVR. I use the Harmony 880 and there is no delay. You just need to setup the reomote correctly (that is the Harmony) and it will work perfect. :)