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    How important is it to have audio signal delay?

    Are audio/video syncronization problems prevalent enough to influence a decision on purchasing a receiver? Or, in other words, is it a "must have" feature?

    I had just about decided to buy a Denon AVR-2805, which boasts audio signal delay, when I happened to see HK AVR 330's on sale at CC for $499.00. Of course, the 330 does not have audio signal delay, but that's a very attractive price from an authorized dealer.

    I realize too that there are other differences between the Denon and the HK (the Denon is more feature-laden), but they both seem to be well-built receivers which contain all of the power and connectivity I need. I guess the oversimplified question is, "Is audio signal delay worth $400?"

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    My new Sony DVP-NS975V has this feature, so you can buy this DVD player if you really want this in the future. I don't see this a being necassary, you probably would only use this for foreign language dubs or older movies where the voices don't match moving lips. I can't think of any recent movies I've seen where I could have used this Audio delay.
    So to answer your Q, in my opinion I don't think the feature is worth $400 unless you watch movies in a translated language.

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    Audio sync was a common problem with DVD players a few years ago. An audio delay would have definitely helped with those models. Seems that lately I haven't been reading as many complains about sync issues on newer models. The sync can also vary depending on the soundtrack, but it seems that the most common audio sync problems originate with the DVD player. This means that the utility of the feature would depend greatly on what else you use in your system, and which movie you're playing..

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    Thank, Woochifer. Someone told me that the audio and video can be out of sync when you "scale the image" -- change the lines of resolution. I think that means when one configures their TV to change the incoming signal from a standard resolution to 720p or 1080i. I don't yet have an HDTV and I'm a little unclear as to exactly what that means and whether or not it's something that's routinely done. I'm also unclear as to whether or not it's something that I need to be concerned about. The TV's I'm considering are: Samsung DLP and LG DLP. With these TV's it may be that they automatically convert incoming resolutions to their own native one and automatically delay the sound, but I haven't yet done enough research to know for sure.
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    The delays you're talking about are for HT. Yes, you need them to remove the effects of your HT speaker placement. The original DVD, SACD recordings were made with specific speaker positions taken into account. For example, rear speaker placement is different for different HT installations. When your center speaker isn't in the same location as your fronts, its signal will arrive earlier than the fronts, etc. I can't believe there's a current HT receiver without speaker distance settings. Perhaps the HK has speaker distance settings rather than audio delay settings. If so, they are the same thing.

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