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    Question How to hook up Audigy Platium 2 to my receiver

    Hi, I just built a brand new computer with the Sound Blaster Audigy Platium 2 ZS sound card, so now I want to know how to hook it up to my receiver. My receiver have 5.1 inputs for DVD-Audio and digital inputs, but I can't seem to get 5.1 out of the sound card's digital outputs(I only get front left and right out of the front panel input). The speaker settings on the sound card is 5.1, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Their website lists these:

    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro External I/O Hub Front/Rear Panel Connectors
    Headphone Out (1/4" Stereo Jack)
    Line In 1 (1/4" Stereo Jack , shared with Microphone In with Gain Control)
    Line In 2 (1/4" Stereo Jack)
    Line In 3 (2x RCA Jack)
    Optical SPDIF In/Out
    Coaxial SPDIF In/Out
    Digital Out for 5.1 support (6-channel SPDIF Output to Creative digital speakers)
    2x FireWireŽ (IEEEŽ1394) ports
    MIDI In / Out
    Infra-red Receiver
    AD_LINK 1 and AD_LINK 2 connectors

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    Well I know what it's got, but I need to know how to set up the configurations in the software menu. I haven't tried to use the analog outputs yet, but for DVD-Audio I need to use analog, so I think what's how I'm gonna hook it up. My question is how do I get 5.1 or more channel sound out of the digital outputs on the external panel? (It has one digital out on the back(I think that's for Creative speakers only, but I'm not sure), and one coax and digital outs on the front). Also I'm thinking of using 3.5mm to RCA cords for it, so how do I know which one is for what (such as center/sub)

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