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    Unhappy How to fix blurry pictures on samsung 52 in lcd tv

    I bought a samsung LN52A650A lcd tv after seeing lots of positive feedback on the forum. However, I cannot fix the blurry pictures. I have Dish satellite service of 200 channels, however, no HDTV service? Can someone help, please?

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    I know this is very blunt, but in order to get the sharpness of HD, well, you need an HD source

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    How does a DVD look? Even a regular DVD should look pretty darn nice, assuning ou use component video.

    It is a waste having something like this without a HD source, though. No telling what the quality of your satellite signal is on an SD channel.

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    This will sound weird but.......

    Make sure your sat box and TV are both set to standard def. 4:3. Watching standard def. in 1080p settings can sometimes cause problems.

    I have AT&T Uverse for cable/HD and if I watch a standard def channel when the Cable Box is set to 1080p, the picture can sometimes not be very good at all. Switching to Standard Def. 4:3 fixes the problem.

    BTW, I have a Samsung 52" 1080p LCD.


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