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    How do I connect my DSS and DVD to my Receiver?HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to connect my DISH SAT and DVD into my receiver and go receiver to TV-What do I need to do? I have a Sony Flat screen with Component and S-video-Marantz SR-8200 receiver and Marantz 6200 dvd with component hookups! thanks

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    If your Sony TV has two componet video inputs I would go directly to the TV and by-pass the receiver for video. If you only have one componet input on you TV then you will need three sets of componet video cables two into the receiver and one out. Also you will need either optical or coaxial digital cables for the audio portion of the hook up.
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    Not sure if this will help or not... but here goes.

    I have both sat and dvd hooked up to my receiver (Denon avr 1801). Satellited receiver box should have outputs for both video and audio. Run the appropriate connections from audio out to the audio inputs for TV/DBS on your reciever. You should be able to do the same with the video out (should be just one out/in for video). Connect the DVD the same way using the DVD input. Now you need to run a connection from the video out jack on your reciever to the video-in/antennae jack on the back of your TV. This should work.

    To recap.... you should have audio into your appropriate jacks from both the Sat.Receiver and DVD player. You should also have two video inputs into the receiver from the sat. and dvd player. Then you should have one video output that goes to the TV from the receiver.

    Good luck...

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