• 11-11-2006, 10:59 PM
    Home Theater Pricing Information (please)
    Hi. Well, a little introduction I guess. I'm a 20 year old college student. I've never had much interest in home theaters nor had I the money or room to set one up, so I know little to nothing about this sort of audio/video equipment. My father on the other hand, spent probably tens of thousand on his home theater and recently all of it got passed down to me.

    I've been trying to cut down the theater and sell what I don't need and what isn't being used. For example, I don't really need a dedicated $3,500 CD player, especially when theres two other systems hooked up that are perfectly fine for playing CDs.

    This is the list of devices that I've put together with what bit of information I could find:

    Tice Audio
    Power Block
    Titan Energy Storage System
    Does anybody know the MSRP or selling price on these three? I cant find anything online about them, and apparently the company shut down and the website doesnt work anymore. The Power Block seems to plug into the Titan, so I'm guessing those two should be sold together? (with or without the Microblock?)

    DA-11A CD Transport
    DA-10A Digital Converter - 20 Bit/Zero Feedback Mainframe
    Solid 1AM Power Amp

    NR-200 Dolby B-C Type Noise Reduction System
    CA-1 (MSRP: $2300) Audio/Video Control Amplifier

    Servo / Power Amplifier This one seems to have a deck (no model number) and a big subwoofer-like speaker box. I think they sell together (?), unique cable plugs one into the other.

    Pro. 168 AC Power Line Receptacle Filter

    Sonic Frontier Incorporated
    SFL-1 Signature Pre-Amplifier (MSRP: $1495) - Black face, can't find a picture of it online.

    D2D-1 Sample Rate Converter (MSRP: $700) - Link

    4π Plus II (MSRP: ?) Like some of the others, I don't have any clue what this is. I have two of them and both of them have stands. Link

    KAV-280cd (MSRP: $3500) This is the only one I've started to sell. I'm trying to get around $1,500 for it, but that's based off of somebody else's completed Ebay auction. Hopefully that is in the right range.

    R-9 Digital Audio Tape Deck - I'm assuming this is worth nothing since nobody uses DATs anymore. Link

    If anybody has any advice, suggestions, or information, such as what I should hold onto, what's not worth selling/hard to sell, and/or pricing info, it would be very much appreciated.

    Would Audiogon be suggested for selling these or Ebay? It seems like to sell on Audiogon requires a certain amount of knowledge of what I'm selling, so I was going to sell on ebay, as I already have an account there with good ratings. Do auctions usually sell for more on AG?

    Thanks a lot.
  • 11-12-2006, 03:23 AM
    If you go on audiogon.com for a small fee they have selling price averages for a huge database of gear that has been sold on their site in the past 12 months. This is based on true sales data. My advice is to pay the $20 or so, as you have enough gear for sale that the data is easily worth that much...