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    Hitachi 43fwx20b picture size (not related to aspect ratio or screen format)

    My Hitachi 43fwx20b has always had too large of a picture for the screen laterally, extending an about 1-2 inches past the left and right ends of the set when set is 16x9 standard mode. Additionally it does not appear to be centered correctly, as the screen tends to lop off more of the right side than the left. I'm not sure about the vertical size, but I assume I have some loss there as well. Is there any way to correct for this? I assume you have to enter the service menu, which I do not know how to do. Is this something I should tackle, or do I need a professional tech? Any help is much appreciated.

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    Definately get a service tech over to your house to do a custom set up. I would not atempt to fool around with the service menu in fears that I might screw things up badly. It'll cost you money, but the payback in picture quality (not to mention getting the picture to fit the screen for once) will be worth it.

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