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    High Def DVD Players

    Has anybody heard when High Def DVD players and Discs will start hitting the stores?

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    I have heard that they may hit in december. that's what the hd-dvd camp says, but no real date has been set as far as i know. the blu- ray camp, i don't know but they will be showing up in the new ps3 when ever they come out.

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    Unless the parties involved come up with a compromise unified format for HD video discs, the format war between HD-DVD and Blu-ray will likely begin at the end of the year when the first Toshiba and NEC HD-DVD players hit the market. Blu-ray players are due to arrive sometime during the first half of next year. If the two camps come to their collective senses and decide on a unified HD disc format, then that will delay the hardware introductions, but at least ensure that the product launch not be accompanied by a destructive format war.

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