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    Unhappy Help with Yamaha - RXV440;Any means to have constant sound Output

    I have a home theater set up with RXV440. I have a problem while viewing TV channels from my satellite receiver/cable operator. Normally different TV channels have different sound levels. Even for same channel the advertisement may have different sound levels. So while changing channels, the sound also goes up or down. I would like to know whether any particular setting is svailable in RXV440 so that even when the input sound level varies, the output remains unchanged?
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    Wish that there were but there isn't.

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    Some Onkyo receivers have the Intellivolume feature that's supposed to do something like that with controlling for the output levels. I can't remember, but it does not work with either analog or digital signals. Otherwise, those are the only receivers I'm aware of that have that kind of level adjusting feature.

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