Hell everyone, I have a pioneer 37tx receiver which I bought used 2 months ago. Have the receiver hooked up to a pair of Mission 775 Front speakers and a Infinity IL120subwoofer.

Have the reseiver hooked up to my computer through a tos link that runs into my Chaintech soundcard.

I have been using the receiver without any problems using s/pdif out. I can play stereo music, as well as play DVDs with DD5.1 through my computer. When I play DD5.1 movies, the 37tx receiver automatically detects the digital signal and an AC3 indicator shows up.

But the problem I have, that I just noticed recently, is that if I try to play a DVD with DTS, my receiver doesn't detect the signal, and I don't hear anything at all??

The receiver is set to receive a digital signal, but DTS just doesn't seem to be detected.

Is it possible that something is broken, or am I overlooking something simple?

thank you to anyone that can help.