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    Help ! Newbie - Home cinema Setup

    i have just finished building a windows media center pc, which i want to connect up to my philips 42" plasma screen

    i am connecting the media center to the plasma screen through a dvi cable so there is no problem with the video,

    however now i am left wondering how i can get the best sound

    i am looking fror some surround sound set of speakers, and i think a a/v reciever ? (is this setup correct) i am open to all and any suggestiions. i am very new to this.

    i want the system to sound amazing and i am not affraid to spend a little money to get it.

    thanks for your help

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    I think most people tend to leave the computer out of their home theater system, especially the main one. They opt for your conventional DVD player. There are amny 5.1 speaker systems that will connect to your computer. These types generally have some built in amplification. But this setup isn't going to give you the type of presentation an A/V receiver with home speakers will do.

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