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    Help me pick the right front projector!

    Hello AV readers,

    Do you have a personal favorite?
    Help me choose the best 1 of 10 for a 92" dia. screen.

    Yamaha DPX1200
    Yamaha LPX510
    Sony VPL-HL51
    Sharp XVZ2000
    Sharp XVZ12000
    Optuma H79
    Infocus 7210
    BenQ PE7700
    BenQ PE8700 HD2+
    Sin2 Domino HT300+

    I have a dedicated room with a Denon AVR 4806 reciever as well as a Stewart Firehawk screen.


    Thanks, BigKro
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    Please do yourself a favor and choose the Sharp XV-Z120000. Color correction and image depth are better than any in the group. Reliability is quite good. Choose a Stewart Screen, to complement.

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