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    Question Help me with a Nakamichi AV-8 please!

    Hi everyone,
    I just recently received a Nak AV-8 and all is good, almost, I am trying to complete setting it up and I can't find a manual for it anywhere? I understand it's an older receiver but, I was wondering if someone could maybe tell me how to assign the digital inputs, it has a button for them, but I can't figure out how to set them? I have searched everywhere I can think of as far as resources and haven't came up with anything to tell me this simple I'm sure fix.
    Thanks for the help in advanced!

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    538 - They have one for a fee. It was the first thing to come up when I googled this. Or try e-bay. There are alot of manuals available there.

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    I had an AV-10, those are great receivers. Just keep in mind the AV-8 does not support DTS so you won't be able to play anything with DTS. So ifyou find a manual for an AV-10 that will tell you what you need also.

    I don't remember the digital input assignment being that hard, I know it's in the setup menu. I think you just arrow through them until you get to the one you want.

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