Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

I have an Integra 30.3 HT unit. It drives a Dynaudio Audiance 122c, two Polk Rears (or Dyn 42s depending on setup at the time). I drive a sub with the sub out cable and send the front Pre Outs to my main rig.

A couple times when firing up the whole system, which includes an OPPO93, I had to turn all off and on again because of no sound but it always re-syncs upon restart. The last movie I watched was a ripped version of This is the end that I had as an AVI file. It kept throwing staticy crackling noises thru the speakers so I thought it was just a bad rip.

I changed rooms and watched it thru another OPPO93 and smaller 2ch rig with no issues.

Well last night I went to setup some tunes for massage night from USB stick into the Integra. When switching to USB input, the display switches to "Now Initializ". It also says that for NET input.

I get absolutely no sound from any input or Headphone output but the unit appears to be OK in Tuner, DVD and such.

A Factory Reset also did nothing to help.

Is there a blown fuse? Or is this an issue of a chincy electronic part ruining a $500 unit? I have to pull my paperwork and think I may still be in the 3 years for waranty, but hoping there is a simple solution.