I just bought this DVM-2815 and I'm having issues.
I bought it at Ultimate Electronics and it was on a "clearance" table. It had been returned but looked good and everything seemed to work fine. I tested a few CD's and DVD's in it.

Got it home, and it won't play a particular burned DVD I have. It will play others, but one it won't play. This particular DVD WILL play on another Samsung DVD player (don't know the model).

Also U.E. gave me the wrong remote for the player. The remote is for a single disk player and this is of course, a 5 disk unit. I called them and they said that I could return the thing, but they don't HAVE the proper remote for that unit. They could get the proper on for me for $54.00, if I want to keep it. I paid $296.00 for this unit, which from what I have learned, is about $150 -$175.00 below retail. What should I do here? Keep it? Return it? My budget for buying a 5 disk DVD player was $250.00 I blew that a bit but I clearly won't find another new 5 disk DVD player of this calibur for <$300.00.

What do you all recommend?