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    Help with Denon 3800 DVD player...

    I am having a problem with my Denon DVD-3800. It will not play all of my movies. Just had a shipment of 10 movies come in from Columbia House and most of them will not play. Some will. The same is true with my older movies. Have tried cleaning the lens but still nothing. Movies are brand new so dirt is not a problem. Any suggestions before I bring it in for repairs?

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    Test them on another DVD player first

    Test them on your computer or another dvd player you have around Also try putting hot water on the bottom side and drying them

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    Bring the player in immediately. Most DVD players will have trouble on some specific discs, but the problems that you're having point to trouble with the player itself. Some Denon DVD players in the past have had firmware glitches that caused tracking and audio sync problems with some DVD titles. Your case sounds more like a defective player.

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    Agreed, time for a new player. For some reason I've found Denon players to be very problematic.

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