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    Help - Best Adcom HT Amp Wiring to HTM2 ?

    I recently purchased an Adcom GFA6000 amp with Ace615 line conditioner.
    The 6000 is primarily designed for home theater with three (L+C+R) 100w and two (L+R surr) amp sections.

    I already have an Adcom GFA555II driving my main L+R channels so the 6000 is purely for my HT speakers.

    My question is, given that the center channel is the most important in a HT setup, I'm reserving the most wattage and best use of the GFA6000 to drive my B&W HTM2 which has a (relatively) low 88db sensitivity rating at 120w max.

    Note that each amp in the 6000 has discreet variable output controls.

    Possible configs
    1 100w (using jumpers)
    Bi-amp configs
    2 100w
    1 100w to bass mid + 1 60w to nautilus
    1 60w to bass mid + 1 60w to nautilus

    Also, please comment on bi-wiring these possible configs. I'm using all 15' 10guage OFC (can't afford much else at that length).

    Also what is your honest opinion of this amp for driving the HTM2 - lesser or adequate quality power? Sub $1k upgrade recommendations? (note I only have space for a single HT amp).

    Thanks for any suggestions or advice.
    Sincerely, Mark.

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    if it was me, i'd do 2x100w bi-amp. like you said, the center is the most important part of HT.
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