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    heard the velodyne spl r 1000 and now I dont' know what to do......

    I went and listed to a few new subs at the local store the other day, and I was pretty impressed with the velodyne spl r 1000. Although the store had not set it up using the built in parametirc eq/mic system, it has a 6 band eq which is nice. It seemed to provide alot of power in their room which is larger than mine, but my room has a gib opening, probably about 6' along one wall, and a doorway size opening along another, so I'm kindof worried about using a 10" sealed sub. The room's only about 12x16 though so it might work. I was thinking about the dayton titanic kit beforehand but now I don't know. I was especially impressed with how well the velodyne could keep up with really fast bass passages. I'm nervous about buying the titanic without even hearing it. Plus, the local store has a full return policy as well as, if I choose to keep it, a 1 year full value trade up credit. Right now, I'm thinking about getting it and seeing how it works out, but it is about $300 more expensive than the titanic 15". Any advise?

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    I'll vouch for Velodyne quality. I've been using my subs for years with no problems. That sub should be plenty for your room.
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    I've got an older SPL12 in a similar room set up and it does great. I tend to be conservative with my subwoofer usage and in movies like Star Wars or Pearl Harbor you can really feel the bass, it's like it shakes the room.

    If the site that sells the Titan has a return policy, you can try it and return it if it doesn't rock like Velodyne. If not, I'd give the business to your local dealer. I'd lean that way anyway because he had it there for you to hear and he is willing to put the product on the line with a satisfaction guarantee. I'd rather spend more money and get something I'm happy with rather than take a chance on spending money and still not being satisfied.

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    I used to use many subs and then a large Velodyne(don't remember what model). It has been replaced with the SPL-1000 II. It's compact size is great advantage to me plus tight, fast, and abundant bass. I never had any thought to change it since then.


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