hdmi receivers

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  • 10-28-2006, 12:57 PM

    Originally Posted by ronning
    A few new thoughts:

    1) Are there any receivers out there with VGA input on them (with HDMI conversion/output)?

    2) Are there any receivers that have a DVI input that handles an analog signal (DVI-A) and the converts that over to HDMI?

    Obscure questions, I know, but I'm searching around...

    Transcoding from VGA to component, and vice versa, is possible, both them being analog signals, though not inexpensive, but VGA to HDMI is all but impossible, doubly so since analog VGA is not compatible with HDCP. Similarly, DVI-A is not easily transcoded to DVI-D or HDMI, but HDCP brings them even further apart.