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    Having problem accessing menu options on Yammy HTR-5590 (RX-V1300)

    Here's the story - I had a 5.1 setup but have moved to an apartment temporarily while our house is remodeled so I'm only using my two mains now (2.0)...I want to go into the menu and change my mains from small to large and to "turn off" my other speakers but...

    When I push "set menu" on the remote it will only cycle from menu options 13-15...I cannot access any of the other options...can the receiver actually detect I don't have any other speakers attached and not let me in? I wouldn't think that is it though because some of the menu options 1-12 deal with the mains...the strange thing is when I tune in to a channel that has 5.1 surround the receiver still shows my previous speaker setup as being active...

    Is there any other way to "get in" or a way to reset the receiver to see if I can get back in?

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    I've heard that the Yamaha's YPAQ won't function if some of the speakers are not hooked up. Perhaps the same thing is occurring with your menu options. I don't know how to get around the menu options or "reset" anything. Only way you'll find out is to hook up the rest of the speakers (or use any old cheap small speakers if you have some lying around). and see if the menu functions go back to normal.

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