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    Harmony problems...

    I've had my 880 for a couple years now but it's starting to give me problems. Basically, I have to push certain buttons(most used) really hard for them to respond now. It's annoying because the volume up was one of the first buttons that started acting up and now the channel up/down buttons are doing the same thing. It's getting so bad that I'm probably gonna replace it soon. Not sure if I want another 880 though & I'm wondering if other Harmony users started having any problems after a few years of use?

    My kid dropped it in water a few days after I got it(don't ask) and I loss the function of the pause button, but simply assigned it to a different available button. I'm wondering if the dip in water shortened the life span of the remote.

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    I lost buttons on one of my Harmony remotes (not an 880) just like you describe. A bath was not involved in my failure.

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    Not sure on the button configuration but when I've had this problem before I took the remote apart and cleaned up the pc board where the buttons contact it. You could use a pink pencil eraser to clean the board. Good luck, it worked for my problem.
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