There's an excellent website that's been around for a few years that I just discovered that people might want to check out, its called and basically they have various blues, rock, folk, pop, jazz and other musicans listed by category and subdivided in the category (i.e. Chicago Blues, delta blues, etc.), What's different from other websites such as Amazon, is they have a bunch of musical samples from the group (several to all of the album) that are 2 minutes apiece as opposed to 30 seconds. You can order the CD's by mail order directly from the site. One great thing is, they have a large amount of CD's for only $5 apiece and some of the stuff is really good. The difference in say Napster, Kazza & Grokster is that most of these groups wouldn't be on there as they're mainly on smaller labels looking for exposure and even if they were you wouldn't know enough to check them out. What's great about it is that you can discover some really great groups that you probably wouldn't be aware of otherwise. The site gives background written by the group and their websites if applicable as well. I just spent over $100 on the site. The Groups I bought Cd's from in case anyone might be interested were mainly blues: 2 $5 CD's by an English guitarist named Barry McCabe who sounds like Peter Green & Rory Gallagher combined, an outrageous little Netherlands Elmore James like guitarist/vocalist called Little Boogie Boy who has outrageous chops/lungs and looks like he's 12 years old! at regular price, the Memphis Blazers a great 60's Memphis band in the Stax tradition for $5, Kevin Wood another Elmore James type guitarist for $5, and the rest at normal prices, a guy who was somewhat well known named Eddie Hinton who has the most amazing lungs I've ever heard, Lil Phil & the Night Shadows a 60's garage band, Dave Walker of Savoy Brown & the British Yankee Blues Band, a British Anglo band that sounds a little like Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac. If you want to discover new groups, you'll be on this site for days. Good listening.