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    Got the New Harmony 880 Cradle

    Recieved the new base the other day. It looks exactly like the previous cradle, but so far you drop it in and it charges. I hope it stays this way as the charging cradle was starting to become annoying. Either way it is still the best remote.
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    What is the difference between this and the 676 again, operationally? I know it glows when you pick it up & has rechargable batteries. Does it still have the seperate TV, Music & DVD buttons on top , so when you push them it does all those functions.

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    The activities are not seperate buttons at the top, there is one 'activities' button which brings up a menu (on the LCD screen) of 8 activities you can choose from. Of course you make the activities yourself depending on whatever you want them to do. Having 8 on the main screen is nice, and I think you can even have a few pages of them.

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