• 04-21-2004, 06:42 PM
    Got my new Yami RX-V750 today!
    Man, is this thing AWESOME! I got it hooked up & played with it a bit. It sure is different than my old one with Dolby analog! I'm dieing to try out the YPAO tomorrow. I ended up getting a Paradigm CC170V3 Center channel & a pair of ADP70V3 Rear Surrounds to go with my Eosone towers. The rears were on closeout & got a heck of a deal on them. I'll post some more as I get to figuring this thing out. ;)

    Thanks for everyones advise & posts on here. You guys steered me in the right direction. The sales guy at AudioCraft in Fairlawn was surprised on how much I had researched this. I gave a bunch of credit to this board.Thanks again!
  • 04-22-2004, 05:26 PM
    Well, I'm impressed! I watched some of Die Another Day (James Bond) to get an idea on how it sounded right out of the box. Not bad but lacked in the surrounds. I run the YPAO program & that is pretty cool how it does that. It gave me a warning for reveresed polarity on the RR speaker so I switched it. I re-ran the test & it came back good. I re-watched the same part of the movie with the new settings & it was unreal on how "theater like" it is! Super option for the average guy. I'm sure glad I waited for the new model.