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    Good test tone disc for settting up PEQ on sub?

    I need a test tone disc that will allow me to play test tones from 20Hz to 100Hz in no more than 5Hz increments. I need this so I can properly set up the PEQ on my sub. I have the AVIA DVD, but I could not find this option anywhere on it. If you can do what I need to do with the AVIA DVD, please let me know where it can be found. If not, does anyone know a good cheap test tone DVD that can be bought and where? Thanks!

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    Stryke and Rives Audio both sell test CDs with the array of test tones that you would need for identifying a PEQ center frequency. The Rives disc is more expensive, but it also includes a set of test tones that are already adjusted to the sensitivity of the Radio Shack SPL meter. Very handy to have if you don't want to constantly convert the readings that you obtain from the SPL meter.

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    google search "autosound 2000"

    They have a series of audio set-up and test discs that are great reference for fine tuning audio systems. One disc contains tones from 20hz to 98hz in 1hz increments. It helps tremendously when using RS meter and BFD to flatten sub curve.

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    Infinity RABOS kit

    Check around and see if you can find an Infinity RABOS kit. It includes a test
    disc and a sould level meter just for bass. They are only $ 75 new, should
    be able to find one used for less.
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