If you haven't yet replaced the bulb in your Sony XBR2 RPTV, your in for a surprise.

I've had my KDS-R70XBR2 since August of '06 (immediately at product release). The original bulb is still fully operational, but I decided to put in the new replacement bulb that came with the TV. The difference in the picture quality was noticable. Although it still looked good before the change-over, the picture now took on a whole new lease of life. Its not just about brightness, its also about colours, contrast - everything looks way better. The only downside, this means that to maintain premium performance levels the bulb must be changed every 14 - 16 months. At $200 a pop this is quite an expense. But then again, the cost for a 70" plasma or LCD is a lot more, and the Sony SXRD RPTV's picture is still excellent by any standard