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    Good Low end system

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a decent low end home theater system to get for my dad for Christmas. He is by no means an audiophile and I'm sure he would be satisfied with pretty much anything as hes currently using the integrated speakers on his hdtv and they are absolutely terrible. Any recommendations?

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    How much were you looking to spend? You can get JVC HT receivers starting at $199.00 but then you have to find a 5.1 speaker package. I don't know what you are looking at there. Best Buy did have Athena which received good buzz for a while as being a good value in cheap speakers. Other than that you are looking at some type of Home Theater in a box (HTIB) This usually consists of a single unit with built in DVD, tuner and amplification and speakers. The speakers are usually small. I haven't looked at these in some time so I don't know how much you are looking at here. I got my sister and brother-in-law one these in Sony a few years back or about $350.00 and it wasn't bad. There is a gap in frequency response between the little speaker and sub but you have to consider the price and if some one really isn't much into audio they may not even notice.

    Just to see what's out there and prices you can take a browse at
    You can also get some financing with no interest through them if you wanted to prolong the pain of purchase. Just think though if you visit much you can enjoy it too.

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    A used but in good condition Harman Kardon AVR from Ebay would probably do it.

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