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    Good DVD 1080p, DVD-A and SACD player

    I am looking for good DVD (1080p) HDMI output, DVD-A, SACD (good DAC) player. My budget is US$ 1000 - US$ 1500. I am thinking about Rotel RDV-1092, Yamaha S2700, arcam DV137. Any suggestion, or other brand?

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    I would also look at -- and listen to -- Pioneer DV-79AVi (don't know if it does 1080p), Denon 3930-CI (does), Marantz DV-9600 (does).
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    Rotel finally came out with a player with SACD capability?

    looking Why are they still refusing to do that?

    I'm not sure if you can find one within your budget. How about a Oppo 981HD for video and somem like Marantz DV7600 for audio? You can always find out if the Marantz is worth $1200 over 981-HD

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