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    Smile General Question - 'Top 3' Areas of Home Theater 'Confusion'

    Hi there one 'n all..

    Just have a general question for anyone/everyone who is happy to just curious, in 'your experience', what would be the top 3 home theater 'topics' that people most ask about? And if you care to expand, why do you think this is so?

    To me, there seem to be so many areas of interest to so many.

    Thanking any replies in advance.

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    Hello, Wecome aboard.

    The top 3 questions I see here are:

    1) What speakers are the best for $x?
    2) What receiver is best for $x?
    3) Where should I put my speakers?

    Honorable mention goes to, "What sub should I buy?"

    Many more questions come up like:
    Is a receiver realy good enough or should I get a pre-pro & amps?
    How big of a display should I get?
    Is 720p good enough or do I need 1080p?
    What kind of room accustics should I use and where do I put them?
    To EQ or not to EQ.
    Do speakers wires make a difference?
    Will bi-wiring my speakers make them sound better?
    Will bi-amping give me more base?
    Where should I put my sub?
    4 ohm or 8 ohm?
    Tubes or solid state amps?
    Vinyl or CD's or SACD's?
    Dark wood speakers or light?
    Silver equipment or black?
    Rock or disco?
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    Huh? "Rock or Disco"? Huh?

    Welcome dkj147! Just do a search on my user name and any question you can think of (useful OR useless) has been asked.

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    Thanks for such a prompt response. Really appreciate 'your top 3 topics' you came back with as well as your those 'areas' on your fuller list. Be very interested to see what others also think. Thanks again. Really appreciate it!

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    HD Audio?

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