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    Fujitsu plasma, NAD receiver/dvd combo, Paradigm speakers . . . how did I do?

    I just got talked into getting a Fujitsu 50" plasma HDTV when I had just intended to buy a normal and cheaper brand like Panasonic or Samsung. Did I waste my money?

    Also got an NAD L73 surround receiver dvd/cd/dvd-a player combo piece, which looks great, four Paradigm Atom speakers, one Paradigm CC-170 center channel speaker, and an Energy subwoofer.

    The room's not that large; a 42" screen would have been fine (sofa 11" away from screen) but we wanted something that could grow with us.

    I got talked into the Fujitsu because then I would be buying the TV the same place I bought all my other equipment and they would set it all up for me and program the remote, etc.

    Belatedly, how do you think I did?

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    On the video end, you did great, and at 11', you can easily accommodate a 50" plasma. Fujitsu's one of the four best plasma makers. Enjoy it.

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    A larger screen is rarely a problem...kinda like having too many toys is rarely a problem

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