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Thread: DVI to VGA

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    DVI to VGA

    Can anyone tell me if I will lose any of the upscalled resolution from the DVI output on my new Samsung HD-931 DVD player using a DVI to VGA adapter to interface the dvd player to my new Infocus X-1 DLP Projector?The VGA input on the projector IS compatable with 720p & 1080i HD signals and the adapters are available at most any computer store.Thanks for the help.
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    Regardless of what you send it, the X1 will scale the resolution to 800X600. Arguably, it may be better to downscale from a higher resolution than to scale up 480P. However, this is likely offset by the extra scaling to get the signal to 1080i or 720p in the first place since the source DVD only starts at 480. Considering the high quality of the Faroudja DCDi processor in the X1 you may find the best picture is by sending the X1 the 480 signal and letting the DCDi processor do the scaling in one step.
    The DVI used for HDTV is typically DVD-D. Converting DVI-D to VGA is not trivial. Most of the adapters you see advertised are simply plugs that convert DVD-A to VGA. DVI-A is nothing more than VGA passed through some specific pins on the DV jack. I don't know anything about the Samsung player, but for these adapters to work the DVI jack on the player will need to be a DVI-A + DVI-D like those on some PC video cards. If you look at the DVI jack, there is a small key at one end with four pins in a square pattern. These are the analog connections. If there are no contacts in your DVD connector then you do not have DVD-A.

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