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    Smile DVD rentals

    Talofa All Ya'll
    Just a quick question, has anybody else come across DVDs with the RENTAL ONLY printed on the discs? There's no bonus material or dvd extras at all! Just some message about purchasing the "Real" dvd! Can You believe it!? I couldn't.

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    I see different versions of DVDs all the time working for Sony. It's all about marketing. Some are specific to, for example, Best Buy, or Target and may contain extra material they can advertise as "exclusive".

    What you've probably rented was originally a two disc set with the bonus and extra features on disc 2. To minimize their costs and risk of not getting both discs returned, the vendor will only provide the movie disc.

    We also create "screeners" which include only the movie, no menu, features, coming attractions... The studios name is also displayed across the bottom during the entire movie. These may be used to send as promotions, for evaluation to award groups such as the Academy Awards, Grmmys, Emmys... A few times I've seen them running at movie rental stores as demos.

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    Not only have I SEEN SUCH, I actually have several, and got em cheap, mostly BLU,
    purchased when the Movie Gallery chain melted down.
    I like movies, not frills, and three bucks for BLU ? I'm there, dude.
    I am a movie watcher, not a "frills" watcher, so now I have Blade Runner, Terminator one,
    My best friends girl, 28 DAYS LATER(wow), Nick and Nora, and Quarantine.
    THERE are exceptions to every rule, and the puppet show on Nick and Nora is to die for,
    a must see, pretty much like the movie.
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