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    DVD player hook-up question.

    My in-laws own an older CRT with only 1 I/O, which is for cable. They want to get a DVD player, but don't want to upgrade their TV. I thought about steering them toward a DVD/VCR combo unit, but then thought that they could save a few bucks by routing a DVD player through their VCR and into their TV through the COAX. I am not sure if either of these will work, or wich would be better with just the one cable input. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanno
    they could save a few bucks by routing a DVD player through their VCR and into their TV through the COAX.
    Routing DVD thur VCR will probably enable microvision that are encoded on most DVD discs, making the picture useless. And if TV only have Coax input, then it might be hard to find a standard DVD player that have Coax output-unless you look into portable DVD players which some of them have Coax output.

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    you can buy a rf modulator and then run the video out from the dvd player into the modulator making it coax then buy a coax diplexor "5 bucks" it takes 2 inputs and puts it into 1.

    or try the vcr thing, becuase i have a dvd player running through my vcr in my room and it works great.

    good luck!

    most look like the ones in this pic if you go route 1, try the vcr thing though probably save you 20 bucks.
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    just what I was going to say. Go to Radio shack or

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    You can use the Aux input for the DVD player. I did it for months with my old TV set.

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