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    DVD and Denon 3808

    I recently purchased a Denon 3808, and am looking to replace my Toshiba 3109 dvd player.
    I have been researching online, and have a few ?????s

    Do I need a DVD player that has a built in decoder?
    I would prefer a multidisc as I intend to use it as a CD player, is this a wise choice?
    I intend to replace my CRT TV with HD in the future.
    I have a dvr satellite receiver and would like to record my saved programs onto dvds, so recording capabilities are in my plans.

    your advice is appreciated.

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    You do not need on board decoding for a standard dvd player, your reciever will do that.Multi dsc dvd players are rare, i think Denon is the only company that still makes one and it will not record.

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