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Thread: DTS:NEO 6 Music

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    DTS:NEO 6 Music

    over the last 6 months i've been experimenting with a 7.1 setup in my basement and found this format to sound the best with music and movies/tv shows.
    so, i recently bought a Sherwood budget AVR for our bedroom and it mentions this mode as ...

    the front left/right speaker receive a 'pure' or 'straight' stream of audio and the center and other 4 surrounds get matrixed sound.

    Anyway, i feel this format is superior and now i have an idea of why it sounds superior. Anyone else find this true or prefer another format?

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    I have found that I like this format also. It's great for watching TV that's in 2 channel. When I play a DVD or receive a 5.1 signal from the cable box my receiver auto switches to 5.1.
    Someone else brought this up about a week ago. Don't remember who.
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    it was a great format for me...

    when I was running bookshelves as rear surrounds, however I found that when I switched to floorstanders all-around that the additional frequencies muddled things thereby adding too much to the soundfield.

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