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    Does anyone really believe that Blu-ray is more "future-proof" than HD-DVD?

    Since I'm a masochist, I decided to do some personal reseach into the next generation optical disc format. I ran across a comparison that actually made me laugh out loud.

    One of the many advantages Blu-ray has over HD-DVD is that it has roughly double the storage space. Because of this, many predict that Blu-ray will be more future-proof than HD-DVD. Some "experts" even claim that because of Blu-ray's storage capabilities, there will be no need to introduce a better format for maybe 25 years. This is one of the most laughable statements I've ever read. The consumer electronics industry holding off on profitable new formats for 25 years? Oh, please, girlfriend!

    I'll predict right now than upon introduction of the new format, it will take only 8-10 years tops before they start talking about the next best thing. Death, taxes, and speedy introductions of new formats, certainties in life that cannot be denied.

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    Well, advertising hyperbole is one thing, but storage capacity is another. I agree that "future proof" formats are only as secure as the next big thing, which in the digital age is always right around the corner. But a storage platform can outlast any particular digital format that uses it, right?

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