If anyone is familiar with Pioneer PD-65 & PD-59 CD players, I'd appreciate any info if there is or should be a noticeable difference between the two in audio sound when using analog cables, so as not to get into another mindless debate. I just got the PD-59 which I'm very happy with but am looking for a second Pioneer PD-59 for my other room, but am willing to get a PD-65 instead, depending on the price. I paid around $280 inc. shipping for the PD-59 in excellent condition & someone has offered to sell me the PD-65 in excellent condition for $485 inc. shipping, which sounds a bit high for my budget, but if the sound is so superior to the PD-59, I don't mind paying for it. I'm not interested in differences in design, structure, features, etc., just differences in basic audio sound. Any input appreciated,