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    denon crv-1905 b-stock, too good to be true?

    I was looking at the 1905 for my smaller surround system and it seems to be a good match. Crutchfield has it for 399 new, but i also found it for 275 b-stock from a certified denon redistributor. The unit is advertised as made to be like new and the seller gives a 1 year warrenty to go beyond the 90 day most give. The seller is listed on denon's website.
    Has anyone bought b-stock items before? and if so, how did they work out?
    Also, any comments on this model? I seems to be just what i need as far as features and 80x7 watts. please help.

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    Hi, please can you tell if you test another brand of receiver, before Denon?

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