Denon AVR 589. Can't get any output to my subwoofer, even though speakers set to "small", subwoofer to "yes." Using the "pre-out" connection to the subwoofer. Sub (a Definitive Tech. ProSub 800) is on, volume is up, powered and the input light is on.

I do get 5 channels from both DVD and DirecTV. Just no bass signal. Denon AVR 589 requires a separate digital audio cable even when using HDMI because the HDMI inputs on the lowest end Denon models only process video, but I can't see how this would factor, as I am getting the Dolby Digital signal OK.

I have not gone through the Audessey sourround setup function as I have a soundbar. Perhaps I will run through that to see if it makes a difference.

Many thanks for any suggestions.