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    Denon 3803 - Problems with CD & Cassette

    I just purchased a 3803 which I am using with a Bose Acoustimass 16 speaker system. My DVD player is working just fine. However, I am having major problems with my CD & cassette players (both Technics). both are connected by RCA composite cables to the receiver. The problem is that the sound from these sources is too loud, even when the receiver's volume is set at the lowest level.

    The folks at Crutchfield have been very helpful. They have suggested that I try to connect my CD player using an optical/digital cable. I would like to avoid the hassle of returning the receiver if possible.

    I would greatly appreciate all suggestions to fix this problem.

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    So did the optical cable fix the problem?

    The other question is this: the sound is too loud compared to what? Is the sound distorted?

    Also, does this receiver have level matching? Where you can adjust the input level of each component? I know Onkyo receivers have this, I would imagine Denon does also.

    Are the Technics components new also? Have you tried other CD players?

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    Not unusual although I don't have experience with a 3803. With my 3802 I find I vary the volume based on input device selected. For a starting point I'd recomend calibrating the system to ref. levels for your speakers in your room. You can't go wrong with an SPL meter and a test disc which will come in handy regardless of the system you end up with.

    With my system calibrated to zero (representing 75 db) I listen to TV about -10/-15 and most of my CDs about -20. A feature like "intelli level volume" control found on most Onkyo's would be cool to match the volumes across inputs but so far that's the only thing about Onkyo that I really like. As far as the 3803 goes you would be wise to follow the previous advice of seeing if you can change the value of the levels for each device independently. If it's not in the manual you should turn on the On Screen Controls and do your best to figure it out on your own. It should be fairly intuitive once you're looking at it.

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