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    Dennon AVR 1908 vs Onkyo TX-SR705

    I am looking to buy receiver in 500 range, Onkyo seems to have good price for features, Denon also has comparable models but expensive. Any suggestions?

    Speakers I am planning to buy are Aperion tower speakers - Intimus 5T. I am fairly new to this and could use suggestions on starter receiver, at this time I am not looking to spend more then 600 (100watt power would do)

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    quick browse of the features should make that decision pretty easy, not only does the onkyo have an extra HDMI input (3 total), it also supports the new bluray sound formats (dolby true-hd and DTS:MA).

    if i was spending my money it would be on the onkyo, and i own a denon that i'm totally happy with
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    I am looking at new receivers, and came across this,

    Under 400 and its a 606

    BUT IF YOU CAN SWING IT, the 805 on sale (see price in cart) is the best bargain.
    A receiver is the nerve center of your system, its worth spending a little and getting
    more, and getting something that will last.
    I love Onkyo also, I HAVE HAD AN ONKYO for three years or so and its been great.
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    I've had the 705 for about five months now and it's done everything I've asked it to do without a problem. Was super easy to set up, which was a big plus for me. The Audessey speaker setup microphone is a great feature. I used a sound meter with my old receiver and I was amazed at how much better the sound field is now. I got mine from Amazon for $525. They have them now for $518 with free shipping. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and hopefully I can answer them. Jack

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    I agree on the Onkyo's over the Denon.

    Vann's and B&H are both excellent online dealers.

    Onkyo 606 Vann's, $395 (Home Theater Magazine just gave this Onkyo a very nice review in their new issue).

    Onkyo 705 Vann's, $520

    Onkyo 805 B&H, $650

    Buy based on features you want. All of the above have plenty of power. If you go with the 606, you can use the extra money for a sub which you will need even for those towers.


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