Dearly departed.....

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  • 12-08-2003, 01:28 PM
    Dearly departed.....
    We are gathered here today to say goodbye to my Bose system from the living room to the bed room....yipee !!! My wife one a big gift certificate , were we purchased what we could for the amount we had. Gone are the days of boomyness and a not full sound from the AM6 III. and hello to (it's not the best but sure does sound 10000000 times better) our new Polk RTI4 for fronts csI3 centre JBLe20 for rears and psw202 (which came free) they didnt have the rears we wanted so the guy gave us 150$ off the JBLs the RTI4 were 80$ off, he threw in 50ft of speaker all in all we scored big time saving over 650$ and not paying a thing....I can't beleive the difference sure the polks arent the best....but for the price it beats hands down the Bose...whic like I said will retire to the bed room for my wife to listen to. Another thing I noticed was Bose is hungry for power ususally we had to turn up the receiver to 55-50dbls to watch tv the polks 60 and it's I'moff to go play with it...make some know the drill
  • 12-08-2003, 03:35 PM
    Congrats. It sounds like a good deal unless it keeps you out of the bedrooom.

  • 12-09-2003, 10:59 AM
    Sir Terrence the Terrible
    This is not a true funeral unless
    You take that trash out to the backyard, bury it, and play taps. Bose is not even worthy to be a bedroom system. Its not dead yet, just dimissed!!
  • 12-09-2003, 12:27 PM
    This Guy
    Thats awesome, I wish I culd win one of those gift certificates. It looks like you finally have a system worth listyening to. I agree with Terrence in that the Bose doesn't belong in the house so I think you should sell it on ebay, it's the holidays so everyones on ebay (many looking for Bose) and you could actually get a deal of your money back and get a nice subwoofer like the hsu-vtf-2 or Adire Rava, then you're in buisness. That Polk sub would be awesome with whatever computer speakers you have, too. I'm not trying to rush you into selling things, just an option. Hey happy listening!

  • 12-09-2003, 01:14 PM
    My wife likes the Bose....well she can have it in the bedroom....things that are done in the bedroom for me do not include listening to that "engineered in the US made in mexico" life learning experience....I will never buy a bose product's not just the sound I didnt like it's the fact you can't upgrade they have all those cables that can only be used with their stuff..guess I learned the hard way
  • 12-09-2003, 07:22 PM
    Not that I would recommend giving more $$ to Bose ...

    Originally Posted by Willow
    I will never buy a bose product's not just the sound I didnt like it's the fact you can't upgrade they have all those cables that can only be used with their stuff..guess I learned the hard way

    Actually, if you want to swap out the speakers on your Bose system or use them on a different system, it is possible. The catch is that you have to purchase a wiring harness from Bose, which I believe sells them for $100. Of course, they don't tell you this and just hope that they can bamboozle their customers into buying a whole new Blose system when they decide it's time to upgrade. Either way, Blose is just trying to bleed their customers as much as they can by creating these proprietary nonstandard connectors and nonupgradable hardware. How they conduct business should be considered criminal.

    This scenario brings up that old adege "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."
  • 12-10-2003, 06:40 AM
    problem is now Im no longer alowed to speak about stereo equipment to my wife it's driving her nuts!!!.....funny wife thought the bose sounded good till i hooked up the polks....we watched pirates of the carribbean ...quote"what the hell was that....(during the cannon battle) it sounds so good and full" I just sat back and smiled !!! hey thanks for the info on the cables from bose ...but again I have wasted too much money on that piece...When Im old and gray with the grandkids(did I just say that)....they ask me grandpa whats the worst thing you have done....Ill say.....well....thats easy I bought a BOSE !!!
  • 12-10-2003, 08:09 AM
    Willow; CONGRATS on the upgrade!!!!! TinHere; love your comment. LMAO, finally got my first system a couple weeks ago and told the wife SEX is no longer needed.